A set of data-driven apps to keep you informed on everything you need to know about your mass staff. Gain insights into your team performance, engagement and risk zones. Use a power of data and ML to improve your labor costs and motivate your people.


Goodt is

Goodt is 

  • сloud or on-premise of your choice.
  • designed by HR tech team with 10+ years of experience.
  • based on Big Data, machine learning and math.
  • 300 000+ users of our biggest customer.

No more buddy punch, accurate time management

Clock is all about presence at work:

  • Save on biometric solutions with smart face recognition
  • No way to check-in with pic or video
  • Measure engagement with two-clicks surveys
  • Overtime and PTO balance calculator
  • Download timetable for your payroll system

Intuitive scheduling for the best performance

Time is easy for managers, friendly for employees and gives shareholders the best revenue to labor cost ratio:

  • Automatically search the best schedule on predicted drivers
  • Drag-n-drop calendar
  • Shift trades with a fast approval
  • Alerts on unplanned absence
  • Motivation metrics for improving scheduling quality

Boost performance with a game challenge

Robusta's features:

  • Data from POS sales, NPS, LMS, access control and other systems
  • Real-time rewards
  • Flexible and fun ratings
  • Attractive and challenging gameplay scenarios for business
  • Fully customized theme and graphics
  • Bonus Cafe with prizes and benefits

The only HR Analytics that works from the box

What you get with Analytics:

  • 300+ charts in a growing library
  • Crisp visualisations designed for HR
  • Deep dive into ‘red zones’ to see the root cause
  • Can be fully customized to your needs
  • 1 - 3 month to start using

Are you ready to boost your employees’ and sales performance?

Show your care installing the Goodt Pack


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